We moved!

Okay, so the girls moved. We have a small house and are limited on space, so DH switched his office to the girls’ old room, and the girls moved into what used to be his office. We figured that it would be quite an ordeal with breaking down the bunk beds and DH’s office desk, plus transferring filing cabinets and a safe. DH scheduled four days off to get the move finished. We did it in one. I say ‘we’, knowing that I did very little of the manual labor, mostly keeping Rosie out of harm’s way. I spent a few hours trying to keep her distracted, and failed. We often use a tension gate to keep her out of trouble, and I realized late yesterday that it could expand to fit the entrance to the hallway that leads to the bedrooms in our house. It placed a convenient barrier that allowed both me and DH to work together in the transfer of ‘stuff’ back and forth from room to room. However, within five minutes of placing that gate, I saw Rosie sizing up the obstacle between her and us. Rosie made every effort to squeeze under the gate, which was the most logical way, considering it was 5 inches off the floor. She first tried to stare down the gate, then tried to slip under, head first, then left-side first, followed by feet first. Rosie never asked for the Vaseline or a shoe horn, and she never cried in frustration. Not even once. She learned that while her head and torso may slide easily through, her rear end is another story.
Rosie finally realized that she could only observe Mom and Dad through the plastic mesh of the gate, but decided that wasn’t enough. My little one spent the rest of the late afternoon peering at us from under the gate.

So finally Rosie has her own big-girl bed, and shares a room with Catie. The beds are bunks no more (Papa and Rainie bought bunk beds that separate nicely, *thanks, you two*), and the middle and the youngest girls share a room. Halie is sharing space with the family office, and will soon have a twin-sized bed to go with her mattress. Each daughter seems quite pleased with the move!


1 Comment

  1. Buffi said,

    October 31, 2005 at 10:17 pm

    YaaY! Our boys share a room. Seems to be working out okay.

    Rosie looks so cute peeping under the gate!

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