If you wonder where I got it from

We must have inherited our ability to make just about anyone laugh. (read: make even a well-spoken individual search for an appropriate comeback) I enjoyed lunch with my sister today, who is expecting her first child, a son, at any given moment. No, I’m not being dramatic, considering her own doctor did not think she would make it this far in her pregnancy. I am very excited, but of course, I’m not the one who will be losing sleep or changing diapers while trying to ‘bounce back’- WAIT. I’m still doing exactly that! My sister’s son will be the very first boy born in our family. My DH told my sister to be prepared to have the ‘most spoiled nephew in history’. As much as DH loves his role as King of the Castle, he must secretly wish that he’d had a boy. Maybe he still could, with his NEXT wife. Over lunch, my sister asked me to tell her the one thing that I wish I had been told before we brought our first baby home. I wanted her to know what I had to learn years later: Being a Mother is not always the most beautiful thing in the world. It is sometimes yucky, frustrating,leaving you weary and in much need of a long shower utilizing a Brillo pad to rid yourself of the slop of the past few days. I wish I had known that I did not have to answer the perpetual question, “How do you feel about having a baby?”, with a positive answer like, “It’s what I’ve always dreamed of!” BS!! I’d like to see how Katie Holmes deals with Postpartum Depression – better yet – let’s see Tom Cruise trying to give her some vitamins!

My sister and I alternately joked with our waiter, but she definitely got the best one in quite early in the meal. The waiter was taking our drink orders, and after each of us had given our requests, he gestured towards Rosie (sitting in a high-chair). My sister smiled, and in a serious tone said, “Scotch.” Poor guy. With both women from our particular gene pool, he was sunk before we were even seated in his section.


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  1. Buffi said,

    October 31, 2005 at 10:16 pm

    Oh, see, I could so hang out with you, Erin! Hope your sister is doing well. Hope we will get to see pictures after baby nephew is here!

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