Something to Laugh About

A salesman called the house and a little boy answered the phone, “Hello,” said the boy.

Man: “Hello, is your mother home?”

Boy:”She’s busy.”

Man:”Well, is your father home?”

Boy: “He’s busy too,” in a whispered voice.

Man: “May I ask when they will be free?”

Boy: “I’m not sure,” still whispering.

Man: “Well is there any other adult I could speak with?”

Boy: “There is a police officer here.”

Man: “A police officer?”

Boy: “Yes,” in a barely audible voice.

Man: “May I talk with him?”

Boy: “No, he’s busy too.”

Man: “What’s he doing?”

Boy: “He is talking with my parents and the firemen.”

Man: “Firemen?!”

Boy: “Shhh…”

Man: “Are you telling me the police and fire department are at your house?”

Boy: “Yeah,” still whispering.

Man: “How long have they been there?”

Boy: “I don’t know, I can’t tell time,” in a hushed voice.

Man: “Is there anyone I can speak with?”

Boy: “No. Quiet, I’m trying to listen…”

Man: “Son, is there an emergency?”

Boy: “No.”

Man: “Could you please let me speak with your parents?”

Boy: “No, they are busy.”

Man: “So, the police and fire department are at your house, there is no emergency and you cannot interrupt your parents?”

Boy: “That’s what I said,” again whispering.

Man: “Well what in the world is going on over there?!”

Boy: “They’re looking for me.”

Glad my children know not to touch the phone unless a grown-up hands it to them! The exception being to dial 9-1-1, of course.


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