I spent Saturday afternoon and evening alternately barfing and snoozing. I figured out the pattern my body was making: Barf, then 30 minutes of rest, barf again, followed by another 30 minutes of rest. So I took a chance. Immediately after the last barf session, I swallowed two Dramamine, which have helped me with motion sickness in the past. The label read ‘May cause drowsiness’. It should have read, “Don’t make any friggin’ plans”, since after I took it, I crashed on the sofa. I mean I was sound asleep! Halie and Catie were having an all-out water war in the kitchen, just four feet from my head, while I snored happily. DH played computer games behind his closed office door, and I didn’t wake until I heard his stern voice directing the girls in mopping up the fallout. I knew right away that I was in the wrong . I had not told DH that I was taking the medication, and knew that he had retreated to a safe place to avoid the Princess of Puke. Every family has them, and I was one before becoming a Mommy: a Sympathy Puker. No wonder that DH was avoiding me.
Later, I was feeling solid enough to try some crackers. The crackers were soon followed by some blueberry tea, which I used to down two more Dramamine. The rest of the evening is foggy, but I do know that there was no more barfing involved. I woke this morning feeling great, aside from the familiar pain in my head. Oh great. It’s baa-aack!


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  1. Buffi said,

    October 24, 2005 at 7:52 pm

    Ugh! I hate that “hangover” from sickness. So miserable. Hope tomorrow is better, Erin!

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