Independence Day

Halie was already up and dressed (again) the very next morning. She had decided to make her own breakfast as well. She created her favorite: Butter on Wheat Bread. Not toast, mind you. Baked wheat sandwich bread. Halie gave me a nod when I asked her if I could watch. She deftly laid out two slices of wheat bread, then went to the refrigerator to retrieve the butter spray. Halie held the bottle over the bread, and tried to force the pump down to make the butter-like substance coat her breakfast bread. I offered to help, but got a stern, ‘No.’ Good thing I backed away when I did. Halie did manage to make the liquid spray out, but she forgot to make sure that the opening was pointed toward the bread. Instead, it was pointed toward her face. I’ve never heard her make the sound I heard – AARRGH! I was doing my best to stifle a laugh when she turned around and burst into a whole-hearted belly-laugh herself. She had held her eyes closed in the strain to make the pump work, but she had spatters of butter on her lips, eyelids, her hair, and some sprinkles on her cheeks that complimented with her abundant freckles. Note to self: always have the camera ready!


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