The Truth

Good guesses! Truth is, I’ve lived a long life for the thirty-one years I’ve been alive. Would I change any of it? No way.

1. I was either pregnant or nursing for 6 years of my life.
TRUE! Halie, 1998-99. Catie 1999-2002, Emmie 2002, Rosie 2002-04

2. I’m married to my first boyfriend.
TRUE! Friends first and foremost.

3. I own four pairs of shoes.
FALSE! I own five or six, but I wear one of the same four as the season changes.

4. My daughters won’t eat mac-n-cheese.
FALSE. For a long time, Catie wouldn’t touch it. Now, they would eat it for breakfast if I allowed it.

5. I have three siblings.
FALSE, but not completely! I have one blood sister, Kelly, younger. My father has been married for 18 years, to a woman whom I consider to be another Mom for me. She brought into my life an older daughter and son, and I consider them to be my siblings.

6. My entire working wardrobe came from Wal-Mart.
TRUE. My ‘work’ is being at home with my kids, so cheap clothes just make sense.

7. I have my Italian Grandmother’s meatballs and gravy recipe.
TRUE. Americans call it Meatballs and Spaghetti Sauce. So delicious, but I don’t know where it is right now.

8. My daughters still have great-great grandparents alive and well.
TRUE. DH’s great-grandma, in Oklahoma, still going to church and volunteering. His paternal grandparents are still working a farm in Kansas.

9. I think that my parents make better grandparents.
TRUE. Parents, like fine wine, mellow with age.

10. I studied to serve as a missionary, overseas.
TRUE. Criswell College, Missiology Major 1994

11. As an adult, I’ve never lived without an automatic dishwasher.
TRUE. I would have a garden if I wanted to get my hands dirty on a regular basis.

12. I simultaneously potty-trained a two year old and a four year old.
TRUE. Actually, I give the 2 year old the credit for training her 4 year old sister.

13. As a teenager, I worked at a bar called ‘Babes’.
TRUE. Barely a teenager, I ran food orders to the Bingo Parlor a few doors down.

14. I never wanted children.
FALSE. I never expected to actually give birth, but I proved them wrong!

15. I look forward to grandchildren.
TRUE. I’m actually envious of the wisdom and patience of grandparents.

16. My hair has been every color that occurs in nature, except black.
TRUE. You name it:Platinum, Auburn, Chestnut. It’s documented on film. Somewhere.

17. I would love to be the bread winner.
FALSE. Always been the ‘stay-at-home-mom’ deep in my heart.

18. I am a neat-freak, and my home is immaculate.
FALSE. I need a sign that reads: ‘If you write in the dust, please don’t write the date.’
I wish it was true. Then I could say, “Stop by anytime!”, and actually mean it.

19. I once lived in a children’s home.
TRUE. Buckner Baptist Children’s Home led me to Jesus in 1989.

20. I was a private security guard for the licensing company that owns Barney.
TRUE. The Lyons Group licenses Barney, and I worked guard from 5PM-12AM, and went to college 7AM-2PM.

Thank you for stopping to read and contemplate my statements. I’m glad that it was really tough to come up with total fabrications. Blessings to you today!


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