The ladies flock to him

Okay, so maybe just the ladies under our roof. Some background on the photo: Netflix finally got far enough down our movie queue to send us Lilo&Stitch2. When DH got home, he made a dramatic declaration about how he would sit on the sofa with the girls and watch it – all the way through. Too bad that Daddy doesn’t have more than one lap for each to share. My daughters obviously wanted to fill every inch that could be occupied between them and their father! I’ve never actually captured an example on film of the ‘mental picture’ that I try to paint for those asking about my DH standing as the only male in our household. He loves being Prince Charming to each and every female at our house. He’s King of the Castle, our resident hero, at least until our daughters begin dating. Dating? Why not get married first, then go on dates with your spouse? My DH said something long ago that comes to mind each time I hear the word ‘dating’: “Our daughters will be allowed to date, provided that they go out together, on a triple date. We’ll just make sure that one of them is always grounded.”
Great idea. I really do want them to grow up and move out eventually.


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