How is a woman with NO KIDS an expert?

Please! I’d read every book published about parenting while pregnant with our first child. I had a parenting plan, backed by experts, that would bring the most enjoyment to my life and hers. Then she was born.
This week’s SuperNanny featured a full-time Mommy with three young daughters almost exactly the age of my own. In the opening, I saw an all-too-familiar look on the mother’s face, as she frantically ran her hands through her hair. She was quite frazzled with three very active daughters (check), always having her daughters try to negotiate (check), and having to constantly separate her fighting girls (check). Okay! I had not watched Jo Frost, the SuperNanny, in quite some time but, like watching Martha Stewart, if I get one idea that I can actually use, my time was worth it. Long ago, I saw Jo Frost working with a family with three children, and she implemented the use of a ‘naughty spot’, having the child who was disobedient spend some time in a specific spot for one minute per year of age. I loved the idea, but because we are not British, we are Texan, I named ours the ‘Thinking Spot’. Works well in our house! I am always looking for ways to tweak my approach to discipline. In my efforts to provide more positive parenting, I got one great idea from the last show, too. Jo Frost, brought in a posterboard with a castle on it, with ‘stone’ paths leading to the drawbridge (door). Also, a tiny photo of each daughter was glued to a magnet. The idea is that as each daughter does something positive, they get to move their respective pieces one ‘stone’ forward. When they reach the drawbridge, they get to chose from predetermined special activities ( painting nails, puzzles with mom). Again, I’m loving that idea. (read: I’ll do just about anything to get my girls to stop fighting!)
This morning, I am working to recreate the castle, complete with a mock drawbridge, along with the simple ‘stone’ path. I’ll update you on how it works!


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  1. Erin said,

    October 17, 2005 at 7:35 pm

    Mistake number one: I bought foam board for $2, which is too thick to put on the refrigerator and then expect the girls’ life-like magnets to actually stay. Shoulda bought the cheap 44 cent poster board! I’ll exchange it tomorrow and try,try again.

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