Google Images Meme

Thanks to Jenny B. for turning me onto this fact-finding mission! You have to use Google Images to search for:

*The name of the town I grew up in
*The name of the town I live in now
*My name
*My grandma’s name
*My favorite food
*My favorite drink
*My favorite song
*My favorite smell

Then you pick your favorite result. Here are mine:

I grew up in the Dallas area

Born in Chicago, IL. I’ve lived in Texas for 25+ years
I’m still here!

My name: Erin (husband’s-name-here)

My paternal Grandmother: (from Italy) her birth name was
Rocchina (ro-keen-ah), but she was called Rose.

My favorite food: Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake

My Favorite Drink:Cosmopolitan

My favorite song:
‘He Reigns’

My favorite smell: my DH, of course!


1 Comment

  1. Jenny Bee said,

    October 14, 2005 at 11:08 am


    Im sooo glad I have your page now! I was beginning to think it was a top secret file since it doesn’t show on your profile..hehe

    I like your images..I just had a Cosmo, for the first time, I might add, on my birthday in Sep. Very nice. and Hubbt smell, holy cow, I missed that one, that DOES top my list!

    Newsboys are the best! Joy is my favorite of theirs..happy, good melody..and the kids love to run in circles in the living room when I play it.

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