Catie’s Victory

Looking at these sweet, joyful faces, you would never suspect that they are just waiting for the right opportunity to waylay their sibling. Today- case in point: Halie and Catie were invited over to the neighbor’s to play. No sweat. DH and I thought, since they are right next door, they’ll be playing in the backyard, and we can see and hear them at all times. We were sure that the guardians would keep a watchful eye on the kids in the backyard. We didn’t know that they would only be listening for trouble. We didn’t realize that the battle that ensued would be so stealthy, or that my five-year-old would WIN. Halie came home to tattle on Catie first, and I saw that her pale pink shirt was now gray and dripping wet. I sent her strait to the bathroom for a shower. Then Catie rounded the corner, perfectly clean and dry. My irritation drained, and my curiosity was aroused. I asked the logical question: “What happened?” Catie explained to me that while having a race around the backyard, she was winning. When T. brought out some bottled water for each of them, Halie decided to use her bottle of water to try to spray Catie. Being the fastest, Catie simply ducked, dodged and ran away from the stream of water. When Halie was out of water, Catie turned on her big sister! Halie began throwing dirt to defend herself, meanwhile getting soaked by Catie’s spray. Now, she was soaked and covered in dirt, and the combination of the two all but destroyed Halie’s clothing.
I don’t know what amazes me more: Catie won a footrace against her sister and a second-grade playmate , or Catie was resourceful enough to save her water for the moment when Halie had none.
Hmmm. Do I give her a High Five, or send Catie to her bed? Neither. She’s been ‘roughed-up’ enough by Halie. Guess she got her payback.

Only 16 years until they are all legal adults…


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