Things I want accomplish before I turn 40:

  • learn to play something besides the radio
  • get to my ideal weight, whatever that is
  • be brave enough to get something waxed
  • finally WIN the Pimple War ( it started as an adult, and I’m losing)
  • have someone guess me younger than my calendar age
  • have the ‘Birds and the Bees’ talk with my daughters (oh boy)
  • be done changing diapers
  • figure out what I want to be when I grow up
  • get a degree in something
  • invite people to ‘stop by anytime’ and mean it

Just for grins, I’ll share my list of things I wanted to accomplish before 30:

Yes, my list was shorter then, but so was my attention span. I did shave my head, on my 21st birthday. I am tattooed, but if I showed any to you, my DH would have to hunt you down. I did give birth to a third (final) daughter in July 2003, at only 28. I got my EMT License in 1997, later found out that the town we lived in employed firefighters to serve as paramedics (read: I instinctively run away from a burning building and I did not want to be a firefighter, who runs into said building). The only thing I did not do was jump out of an airplane. I do not intend to – ever. God’s already sent me back once, I’m not sure He would do it again. I want to see my daughters grow up, graduate, marry, have children of their own, and smile when I see them as mothers dealing with the same kind of things they are doing now.


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