They’ve learned how to charm their Daddy

It’s the nature of DH’s career that he leaves on a trip once in a while. It’s usually overnight, but he tries to always bring home surprises for our two oldest daughters. They are still young, so pretzels from the plane have satisfied the need at least once. My DH also has a ceremony of sorts with them, explaining that he’ll be gone for one ‘night-night’, but then he’ll be home again, and maybe he’ll have a special ‘surprise’ for each of them. This week, my five-year-old responded by asking her father this question: “Daddy, if you’re out and about and you see something that you think I would like, and if it’s not too expensive, could you pick it up and bring it home for me? Please?”

Catie knows the *magic word* and she bats those smoky blue eyes at her daddy, and she’s already won. DH never returns without a ‘surprise’ for each of us, in fact.

I love the chance to miss him. It also allows me the chance to invite the girls into bed with me. Of course, I give them Daddy’s spot, along with his pillow. They are quite the cuddlers, but there’s only one of me, with only so much exposed skin to be in contact with. On most of these occasions, about 3AM, cold feet in the small of my back urge me to sleep elsewhere. Funny how comfy the sofa looks in the wee hours of the morning…


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