Teach ’em the Hokey-Pokey, QUICK!

Rosie loves to spill liquids. Whether it comes from her supposedly spill-proof sippy cup, from the hole in her lower lip, or as a result of her overly full bladder, she claps for herself, then proudly takes me to the puddle on the living room floor. DH and I have agreed to make her start mopping up her own messes. We figure that if she has to clean up every deliberate spill, she’ll lose interest. Right.

Tonight, DH was home for dinner (read: God is listening) so we all sat at the table, and Rosie, as always, finished first. I unbuckled her from her booster seat, and she climbed down from the chair to wander the kitchen. Rosie soon found nothing besides locked cabinets and returned to the dinner table to take one last sip of milk. DH, Halie, Catie and I were so engrossed in conversation that none of us saw Rosie take a mouthful of milk, then put her cup back on the table. Next, I heard the milk spluttering from her lips, and turned to look my baby girl as she smiled at her own defiance. DH reminded me of our agreement to make her clean it up, so I handed her a dinner napkin and asked her to wipe it up. What did she do? Exactly what she sees her Mommy do: Rosie unfolded the napkin, spread it out to cover the puddle, then used her foot on the napkin as a mop to wipe up the rest. Rosie looked like she’d practiced this clean-up dance before. Well, I know that at least she’s watching my actions, even if she doesn’t obey my words.

DH remarked that it looked like teaching Rosie the Hokey-Pokey is paying off:
You put your right foot in,
You put your right foot out,
You put your right foot on the napkin,
And you swipe it all about…


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