Testosterone – Bring It On!

I must be honest with anyone reading this who knows nothing about me other than what you find in my blog/profile. I can still remember being pregnant for the first time seven years ago, and having my doctor ask me, at 7 months of prenancy, about the kind of delivery that I would like to have. Since it was a high-risk pregnancy, I was seeing her each week, and I told the doctor I would think about her question and have an answer ready the next week. At the next visit, I told her, “I want a Beverly Hills delivery.” With a puzzled look on her face, she asked me to explain. I replied, “I want you to knock me out after the first contraction, and don’t wake me until my hairdresser and publicist arrive.” My DH, the doctor, and I all had a good laugh at that. Little did we know that just a few weeks later, I’d get my wish. I had an emergency cesarean at the beginning of month eight, and I felt no pain.
With our second daughter, I had the doctor’s OK to try to deliver vaginally. I was more than 40 weeks with no issues, when I noticed a slight rise in my blood pressure (from 128/70 to 130/80). I called my doctor, and she asked me to drive in (DH and I lived 90 miles away). Turns out, I was already in labor and had no idea. I labored with Catie more than 30 hours, then had to have an epidural and another c-section.
So, do I appreciate both births? YES! My sister is due in late October and has decided to have a natural birth. I support her. Would I do it? No way. My sister’s son has been loved from the night he was conceived. My sister has taken phenomenal care of her body, growing the tiny boy (although I hear ‘tiny’ might be a fitting nickname), and counts it all, good and unpleasant, as blessings. I’m so thrilled to watch my little sister become a mother, to watch her and her own DH become parents. And I’m excited that there will finally be a boy. He’ll be the lone testosterone buoy in the sea of estrogen that my daughters have created.


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  1. Anonymous said,

    October 5, 2005 at 11:04 am

    May the bouy float strong & proud in the mighty, mighty waters he will be cast into, calling to all men, “Ahoy, you float upon the waters! Unite!”

    I have no idea what that means. I just needed to put something down that sounded manly.

    I can’t wait for Aidan to meet the girls. Here’s to the days ahead.

    Aidan’s Daddy

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