Party All Day..And Into the Night

Catie requested a bounce house, and since the princess castle had been ‘popped’ the weekend before last, we opted for the Dalmatian one. Catie wanted all of our family, plus all of her preschool friends to attend her soiree, so we arranged it so she could have both. Grandma opened her home (backyard) for the set-up of the bounce house at 10AM. DH, Halie and Catie were already there. The girls enjoyed about two hours of jumping in it before I got there with Rosie. Noon was the scheduled ‘preschool party’, with cupcakes and pink lemonade and goodie bags. Even little Rosie loved the bounce house – mostly climbing in, then sliding out and landing on the air-filled steps of the house itself. About 5PM we had the ‘grown-ups party’, with our respective family members (yes, they all get along famously well). While the girls continued to play in the bounce house, the grown ups visited. DH grilled hamburgers, and we had chips/pretzels, soda, and lots of laughter. We had to go inside to light Catie’s BIG number ‘5’ candle, then we all sung to her and let her blow it out, after making the obligatory ‘birthday wish’, of course. Then we adjourned to the backyard, since the weather was so nice. Catie ate some cake, then opened her presents. When the crew arrived to take the bounce house down, Halie climbed into someone’s lap and gave a big *sigh*. Then she said, “I’m just weared out.”
I took Rosie home, bathed her, and had her in bed by bedtime – no resistance whatsoever. Halie and Catie came home with DH a short time later. I bathed them together to spare some time, the got them ready for bed. Catie requested her new Cinderella costume to sleep in, and since it was ‘her day’, I let her. Hugs, Kisses, and off to bed they went, again, with no protests. No attempts at negotiation. No pleas for the special toy that they forgot out in the living room.
I’m thinking: Bounce house every weekend. Once the girls were settled in, I picked up laundry, loaded the dishwasher, put away toys (read: cleared a path to the bedroom), washed my face and got into bed. In my mind, I repeated the sweet words I heard Halie say earlier, “I’m just weared out.”


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