I’d like to dance

One of the Pastors at our church, a man that I know, lost his 26-year-old son on Wednesday. This young man was diagnosed 19 years ago with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, that caused every muscle in his body to deteriorate even as he slept. The service was this morning. I did not know the young son, but I wanted to be there in support of the family members, whom I’ve volunteered with for years. There was a large crowd in our church chapel, and with few exceptions, every person was crying by the end of the service. Of our church’s 30,000+ membership, I did not expect to see so many familiar faces. The senior pastor of our church officiated the service, with tears streaming down his cheeks. The only time that I’ve seen the man in a suit and tie, he’s also holding a Kleenex box. Then, the grieving father, a gifted teacher and follower of Jesus, shared scriptures, as well his thoughts about his oldest son. He shared that his son lived a difficult 19 years, but never complained. He encouraged us to celebrate, pointing out that we do not know how long or short a 26-year life is when compared to eternity. The father’s son is no longer wheelchair bound, on a ventilator, he’s dancing in one of the rooms in the mansion God has built just for him. What an architect our Heavenly Father is! I encourage you to live like each day may be your last, do not worry about anything, love those around you.


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