It must’ve been yummy

If you have a weak stomach, don’t care for gross stories about kids, or have no children yet, skip this post. Seriously.

I noticed that Rosie had a finger in her nose, then pulled it out, inspected it, then resumed her search for gold. She pulled her finger out again, and after seeing the choice booty, held it up for me to see. I thought quickly about finding a tissue for her, and realized that the closest box of Kleenex was on the other side of the house. As Rosie saw me contemplating the situation, she took my momentary pause to mean that I wasn’t going to rescue her booger-laden finger. When I looked at Rosie again, she proudly held up the same finger – clean as a whistle. I guess slow response time on my part led to a resourceful conclusion on hers. In case you didn’t get it – read the title of this post again.


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