And on the Seventh Day…

I woke with the same headache that I went to sleep with. Today is actually day eight of this perpetual pain in my head. Funny thing is that when I saw my doctor on September 1, I had no headache. So, I forgot to mention the frequency and severity of these headaches. Duh.
Cutting out caffeine has been a rough ride, since I’m a coffee junkie. I’m in day three of java-withdrawal. Dark Roast. The darker the better, and I want it black, in an IV if that’s possible. I’ll even drink iced coffee.

*shaking it off* Where was I? Oh yeah.

In the interest of my sanity, no more coffee. Good thing that you cannot see my hands trembling. Like I was saying, no more coffee! Won’t be hard to keep it out of our house, since DH detests even the smell of coffee. That, and my coffeemaker is about to bite the dust. The Dependable ol’ Coffeemaker that I’ve had since my days as a single girl will be hard to let go. *SIGH*


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