“I’m not gonna touch that!

DH was home today and worked hard to mark off several things on his Honey-Do list. One item on the list was to relocate our collection of DVDs to a room with a lock on the door. Rosie has been ravaging the DVD shelves in our living room since she began pulling up on the fireplace, which allowed her access to the movies. Bad placement when we have a rambunctious toddler. DH was unable to find cases and some of the actual disks today as he prepared to make the actual transfer of DVDs to his office. Since Rosie was down for a nap, he decided to move our massive TV to find the things we thought were gone forever. DH did find some DVDs, but lots of other things, too. Catie took it upon herself to gather the items she wanted to save from the trash, placing them on our coffee table for safe keeping. I saw the first few items that she had rescued from certain destruction: one high-heel that once belonged to a Barbie, ‘abducted’ long ago, the yellow handle to a doctor’s kit that vanished while Catie spent the night at Grandma’s, and an old aspirator we’d brought home in 2003 with our then newborn, Rosie. I glanced over the display of items, looking for anything posing a danger to my four-year-old daughter. I mentally assessed the situation: all clear. As Catie continued to collect what she deemed worthy of another chance at life in our home, I concerned myself with all things laundry-related. I was not quite finished putting away the last of the clean laundry when I heard Rosie’s waking groans in the other room. I opened her door, welcomed the requisite sloppy, affectionate hug around my knees, changed her diaper, and gave her a snack. Rosie was contentedly munching, DH was in his office setting up the DVDs in their new location, within earshot of the girls, and Catie was in sight of Rosie, so I figured that I had a minute or two to finish up my laundry chore. I didn’t even get that long. Moments later, I heard Catie say quietly, “Eew gross!”, then much louder, “Mom, Rosie’s got a lollipop that Daddy pulled out from under the TV!” I headed out to the living room, and Rosie was holding the furry Dum-Dum, studying it. As I reached for it, of course, Rosie decided that the dust bunnies were an acceptable addition, and put the ancient piece of candy back in her mouth. Only superheroes move as quickly as I found myself flying across the living room to snatch it out of my toddler’s mouth. Rosie was unfazed by my actions, and replaced the Dum-Dum with her fingers. I wheeled around to Catie, lollipop pointing at her, and blurted out, “Why didn’t you take it away from her when she first picked it up?” Catie mimicked my tone of voice when she responded, “I’m not gonna touch that!”


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