Cheap Date

Tuesday nights at our local theatre is fifty-cent night. My DH feels the need to take advantage of the discount ticket price and regularly takes Halie and Catie on a Daddy-daughter date. This Tuesday, however, DH’s parents took Rosie so that I could join the moviegoers. We chose to see Madagascar, thinking that 1) It’s a loud movie, and 2) Lots of kids would be there, so we needn’t worry about our girls getting us ejected. When we had popcorn and drinks, we chose our seats in the theatre. We were all by ourselves! DH and I silently celebrated with a ‘high-five’.

Ten minutes later, the movie started. I spent the first few minutes chowing popcorn, sipping soda, and trying to place the famous voices while I also managed not to laugh hard enough to spring a leak.

I am woman. Watch me multi-task.

Less than ten minutes into the movie, something happened. I cannot tell you how or why, but I can tell you what: I missed most of the movie – because I fell asleep. We’re talking Jello-necked, head-bobbin’, sawing logs. I woke while the credits were still rolling, at least. My daughters were singing and dancing to the loud music that played at the end of the movie. They continued to sing as we made the held-it-through-half-the-movie-must-pee-now bathroom visit, and I heard other small voices singing the same song in unison with my daughters. Pretty soon, we were all belting out the same song as we hid behind the metal doors. As we each flushed then exited the stalls that had allowed our anonymity, we sheepishly introduced ourselves. A friendly stranger, another mom, with twin daughters, told me that she and her girls has seen the same movie in a separate theatre. The woman explained that she had enjoyed the sweet celebration in the bathroom as much as I had. I cannot explain it: Moms are emotionally connected in a unique way. We parted ways and headed home. On our way out, DH said, “I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for your nap – just fifty cents.” Hey, at least I got to be there! My DH wasn’t there for the best part, in the Ladies Room.


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