I just might hurl…

Haven’t we heard enough of how ‘madly, passionately’ fortysomething Tom Cruise loves his twentysomething fiancee? ‘News’ reports that Katie Holmes has been given a custom director’s chair on the set of “Mission: Impossible III” that reads “MRSC2B.” Uh-oh, here comes lunch …
Don’t get me wrong. I had a juvenile crush on Maverick long ago. I even learned how to play Top Gun on my French horn in the seventh grade. After hearing a quote from Mr. Cruise regarding Postpartum Depression being treated with ‘vitamins’, the desire that I once had to hug him evolved into to an urge to yell at him, “I will crush you!”
Of course, I realize that I’m just another body to step on as he climbs to even greater heights of fame. I cannot possibly influence Hollywood to stop paying him to represent them. Then again, maybe I can do just that – by influencing one girl at a time. I’ll start with my own three.


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