Stop to smell the flowers

While eating out with a large group of my family at a restaurant, Rosie wanted to be anywhere but in the highchair. After many family members offered to take her, I decided to take my daughter for a stroll outside. Rosie was so eager to escape the eatery that she bolted for the doors as soon as her little pink Robeez met with the floor. She paused at the large glass exit doors, but only because she lacked the body weight to push them open. As soon I opened the doors, she resumed her hasty getaway – down the sidewalk. Anchoring a shopping center, the restaurant makes up only one corner, followed by a long line of shops. Rosie was most interested in watching her own shadow, changing the style of her walk several times as she toddled ahead of me. She was alternately looking at the reflection of her funky strolling antics in the glass windows, then down at her ever-changing shadow on the ground. She stopped abruptly at one point, squatted and tried to detach the shadow from her feet! (I’m sure Peter Pan is laughing somewhere) Almost as quickly, Rosie decided to turn around and head back the way we came. She walked back at a much slower pace, stopping at each potted plant along the sidewalk. I noticed that as Rosie stopped at each plant that had been obviously scorched in the Texas Summer sun, she placed her hands behind her back, leaned forward and loudly sniffed. There was not a blossom on even one of those plants, and the sun had spared barely any leaves. That didn’t matter to Rosie! She paused at each of the twenty-some pots along the walkway, and politely smelled the imaginary flowers. I was longing to escape the sweltering summer heat, while she took sheer joy in enjoying her sniffing adventure. Less than five minutes with my two-year-old daughter reminded me to take time to smell the flowers!


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