How Two Became One

11+ years ago, I was out of college for the summer, as was the man I’m now married to. I took a position as a Private Security Officer because it allowed me to work at night (11PM to 7AM) and still attend my classes during the day. Ideal job for a girl working her way though college.

So, back in 1994, I was out for the summer, and leading a security team of all men protecting the Lyons Group (production company that owns Barney). I was 19 and had never had a serious boyfriend. Um, honestly, I’d never been on anything other than a group date. One man who worked in the building always tried to bypass the security measures that were in place. I was in charge of trying to stop those who attempted to bypass said security measures. One evening, this man was walking out through a side door to bypass the ‘screening’ station I had set up. I called out to him, and when he did not respond, but turned around to smile at me as he pushed open the door, I called after him, “A–HOLE”. My voice echoed through the marble-laden lobby, and the man turned around to glare at me through the glass door. He then continued on his way.
Grrrr. I’ll get him tomorrow, I thought to myself.

The next morning, his truck rolled out of its assigned spot in the high-rise parking garage and hit another car. I had no idea whose vehicles they were, and called the company who those spots belonged to and asked them to relay the information. I was filling out a report as a young man approached me, grumbling about an insurance claim. When I looked up from my paperwork, I recognized him. The very same man I had called an obscene nickname the night before! If I believed in Karma, that moment was definitive proof. I finished my report, he moved his truck, and we bid each other good day.

The next evening, around the same time, I found him staring at me over the tall console at which I sat guard. He introduced himself and explained that he had taken a summer job, but attended college in West Texas. The incessant flattery that followed in the weeks to come began with that conversation. This man wanted to celebrate the Fourth of July with me. I told him that I (conveniently) had other plans. He asked me every day until I finally said ‘Yes’. After a family barbecue and watching a few fireworks 🙂 , each of us knew that we were meant to be. We didn’t see the need to date anyone else.

We were married in his parents’ garden, with thirteen guests, including our respective family members and the neighbors who had watched my DH grow up in that very backyard. Dream come true. I got to marry Prince Charming!

Fast Forward to 2005: We still consider ourselves newlyweds, even after three children. I pray the same for every single woman out there! I jokingly refer to my job in 1994 as Bodyguard for Barney, which elicits unbridled laughter, then the obvious question, “Was that your husband inside the Barney costume?” Of course, he was not Barney. He was working in the same high-rise building, for a records reproduction and storage company. If he had been Barney, I never would have even had a conversation with him – EEEW!


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