I am surrounded by women in their fifties who look fantastic, are loving life and appreciate all fifty-plus years of their respective lives. I’ve never been scared to turn thirty. I don’t know about forty, but fifty looks like a blast! I was proud to turn thirty last year on this day. My thinking was that my chronological age had finally caught up with my emotional age. Folks have been guessing my age to be about thirty since I was seventeen. Now that I’m Thirtysomething, people have stopped saying, “You’re just a kid.” They’ve begun to say, “You’re young.” I like that. I have other adults finally treating me as a peer. Woo-hoo!

In celebration, the girls woke me before 5AM this morning to tell me Happy Birthday and ask what kind of cake I’d be baking today. Bake a cake for my own birthday? Nah. It’s just another day. Just another Family Circus performance.


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