Authority Issues

The current series of messages at church is titled Authority Issues. When our pastor threw out the ‘teaser’ for this series a few weeks ago, my thoughts were: I’m sure that I have no authority issues.


My husband would beg to differ.

In the eleven years we’ve been together, I have grown my hair out past my shoulders three times ( of my own volition and to DH’s delight) and always find myself thinking of cutting it off again. Eventually, I do just that. My hair has been short most of my adult life, as well as nearly every color that occurs in nature, and one that I’m sure my Heavenly Father was shaking His head at. Unfortunately, most of those varying shades have been captured on film and are on display within my family. My husband wonders why I’d ever want a color other than my natural red, and shared with me that there was a time when he wondered what color my hair would be when he came home from work. I loved the change. Something new and different everyday! Then, on my 21st birthday, I shaved my head. Just so I could check it off the list of things I wanted to accomplish before 30 rolled around. No biggie for me – it’s just hair. It always grows back (it does for girls, anyway).
My husband has been most hurt when I have asked for his opinion on my potential choice of hairdo/hair color, then do something totally different. My DH hates surprises. I love them! I tell people that when we married, I couldn’t balance a checkbook to save my own life, and DH couldn’t spell ‘checkbook’ to save his. Sure, we’re opposites in some respects, but we share similar personalities, and a love of Texas Hold ‘Em. Let me make this clear: My DH does not decide what hairdo or haircolor I wear. It is on my head. Out of respect for him, I do let him know before I leave the house what he can expect to see when I return. Just so he has no surprises.

Today’s message dealt with what Scripture says about the sexes, and our Authority Issues. Men should be under the ‘umbrella’ of God, loving their wives sacrificially. Wives should submit to their husband, joining him under God’s protective ‘umbrella’. Our pastor relayed that he was feeling like a tiny man in a tiny row-boat, holding a bible, explaining one tiny verse. He also felt that he was faced by a Battleship, and that the women were aiming the machine guns at him even as he was speaking. I can say that I do like deferring to my husband in some instances. The pastor demonstrated my attitude best when he put on a great smile, and spoke through his teeth: “Sure. I’m submitting, but I really don’t want to. ” The message reiterated that marriage is not a contract to sign, but a covenant you enter into. Amen.

Plus, we made a deal: The person that decides to leave takes the kids with them!

We had a surprise musical group leading our worship today. It was as if the entire congregation had been invited to watch The Newsboys rehearsing. They were so casual and joyful. Joy-Filled! They drew us in and made us want to dance. We rocked!!


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