Why not? She’ll always be MY baby!

Friday, I visited with another mom, L., whose daughter sucks the same two middle fingers of her left hand as my Rosie. The woman’s daughter is almost ten years old, and is having some orthodontic issues. This child has alignment issues, and cannot even close her jaw properly. L. was referred to an orthodontic specialist, who fitted her nine-year-old with a semi-permanent brace for the roof of her mouth, that features spikes that make it impossible for the child to suck those fingers without injuring herself. The orthodontist shared with L. that his own son had the same sucking habit, and it came down to all-out war to get him to stop. The doctor wound up cutting short pieces of PVC to fit his son’s hands, then tying them on overnight for a long time. L. assumes that she’s in for much of the same, since she found her daughter’s orthodontic brace on the bedside table after only three days.
L. shared that she had let her daughter continue into childhood because it was a soothing habit. hat, and she has three other children, older and younger, to tend to. That’s exactly why I feel it necessary to defend Rosie in regards to her habit. I consider my daughter still a baby and that she uses that same sucking to comfort herself. Rosie’s still in diapers, for goodness sake! I also know that I do not want to have an school-aged child to pick a fight with. Rosie is still young enough to be easily diverted. As I shared in my profile, she inherited my determination (read: stubborn, strong-willed spirit), and I don’t know if I can win that fight if I wait until she’s older!


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