Full of Hot Air

Grandma and Grandpa treated us to a local event this morning that involved us rising early ( DH says it was at o-dark-hundred hours), and heading to pick up Grandma and Grandpa. The Lion’s Club Balloon Festival began with hot air balloons filling, launching, then coasting just above the lake nearby. We arrived as another cluster of balloons were setting up and taking off. My daughters (even the baby) stared in wonder for a few moments, then began asking for food. That’s my girls for ya!
Grandpa sought out a stand that offered several versions of the Lemon Chill frozen treats. Of course, he consulted with the oldest two of my daughters before buying the goodies for them. Shortly after that, we realized that none of the actual food stands were open, and the transportable rides were still shut down and locked up ( how late do carnies sleep?). There were various fair booths full of handmade wood items, and some tie-dyed clothing from infant to adult sizes. There was a unique station that got our attention. There was a man working clay on a pottery wheel next to a sign that read: $10, includes all supplies! Grandma and I had a good laugh as we continued past the man. We joked that he would have to pay ME $10 for the supplies necessary to clean my daughters afterward!
Grandma and Grandpa had originally planned to make an entire morning of this event, then take us to lunch as well. Since all of the food and water/rides were closed at this point (9AM), we headed out to breakfast. Since the restaurant had a good portion reserved for a party, we sat in the far corner. The girls were on their best behavior, so I have no antics to share from that meal. Thanks again for breakfast, Grandpa!
When we were done with breakfast, we drove to drop off Grandma and Grandpa. While waiting at an intersection, Halie gasped dramatically, pointed out the windshield, and cried, “Oh! Oh! I see a hot air balloon! It’s right there!” We all began surveying the sky, but saw nothing. Nada. Not even a cloud. When the signal changed moments later, and we began to roll, Halie realized that she’d been pointing at the top of a gigantic cement truck that she had mistaken for a ‘big white hot air balloon’.


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