“You see, when two grown ups really love each other…”

Every time I had a positive pregnancy test, I asked my husband the same question: How did this happen? He replied exactly the same way each time. My DH took me by the shoulders, looked me straight in the eyes, and with a straight face said, ” You see honey, when two grown ups love each other, these things happen.” My DH says the same thing when I ask, “Where did this pen come from?”. DH: “You see, when two pens really love each other…” Grrr.

I seem to be out in public, with the girls, when the most personal questions come from folks I’ve never met. Like, “Did you intend to have so many kids?”, to which I repetitively reply, “We finally found a doctor that was able to explain the part of our eighth-grade health class that we slept through, and he put a stop to it for us! ” I ‘m also frequently asked: “Aren’t you going to try again for a boy?”, to which I say, “My husband likes having a house full of girls.” or “My girls are actually boys in floral prints!”

Texans are close to having a monopoly on hospitality, but they should seek a session from Miss Manners before practicing on strangers!

While I’m on the subject of fielding questions, I will reach out to my Mommy Sorority Sister, Liz, who is preparing for her second delivery. To say that I was not educated about childbirth while I carried my first daughter would be kind. My OB asked me what kind of delivery I wanted, and I gave her a confused stare in response. When she kindly explained what she was talking about, I told her that I would think for a week and tell her at my next OB visit. A week later, I knew what I wanted. When the OB asked the same question, I said , “I would like a Beverly Hills delivery.” This was the OB’s turn to look confused! She indicated that she did not know what that meant. “It means that you knock me out after the first contraction, and don’t wake me up until my hairdresser and publicist arrive!” She had a good laugh. I had an emergency caesarian anyway – never had even one contraction. Second daughter, I labored 30+ hours, no meds, and even that birth ended in caesarian. Third daughter, I had a broken pelvis anyway, so another caesarian. Third times a charm, so it is said. You go, Liz!


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  1. Elizabeth said,

    August 19, 2005 at 6:22 pm

    Cute Husband will be so thrilled to know you think it’s gonna be THREE!!!

    Not like two little girls aren’t quite enough giggles, pink and drama for one family.

    Thanks for the shout out, I can use all the support I can get. (Especially now with that belly I’m sporting.)

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