Safety in numbers

If you don’t know me… scratch that. Actually, if you’ve never met me, you wouldn’t know that I’m outgoing. I’m serious. Never met a stranger. So, it was easy for me to stop another mom yesterday, as she walked with her brood down the street that Grandma lives on. I introduced myself, and introduced my daughters. Grandma’s neighbor, G., explained that as she walked by my car with her own kids, my first-grader was hanging out the window introducing herself! Hmm. Don’t know where Halie gets it.
G. has a third grader and a Kindergartener that attend the same elementary school. I shared my concern with Halie walking to our designated meeting spot. I am uneasy with the idea of Halie walking all alone, even if it is just to the edge of the school campus. I know. I can hear moms everywhere shouting: You have to begin letting go now! Soon enough, I say to those moms.
G. and her third grade daughter generously offered to meet up with Halie and walk her across campus each day to find me. I’m convinced that folks are this friendly in other places. Texans don’t have a monopoly on hospitality. You just have to be a friend to make a friend!

Halie now has a friend to walk with when she leaves the security of her school. Now, I’ve got to see a nail tech about these nails that I’ve chewed…


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