So many Halie – Haley – Haylees

All of my daughters are named for significant women in our family, so when I found out that our first baby was a girl, we started bouncing girl names off of each other. Chatting with my mother, she mentioned my great-aunt Halie Jean (also the only redhead in her family, like me) and I was hooked! Our oldest daughter was decidedly Halie even before she was born.
When I called out to my oldest daughter above the sea of elementary school students yesterday, several little heads turned. Now, normally, I’d chock it up to my commanding ‘mommy voice’ that makes even grown men stop in their respective tracks (my DH pointed that out to me years ago). That was not the case this time, obviously, since only GIRLS turned around to see who had called their name so obnoxiously. Was my awareness of the naming trend in 1998 so stunted that I didn’t catch on? DH and I were living in a West Texas town of about 75,000 people. It’s a college town. Though it’s smaller than where I grew up, I don’t think it’s socially behind the times. I just don’t want anyone to perceive me as a follower. I would have named her Halie anyway! I know that it does not even make the list of the 100 most popular names. I guess that a lot of parents in 1998 had the same thoughts my DH and I: I cannot think of one adult/child named Halie, so why not give our daughter that name? We also thought: She’ll be unique among all the Jennifers and Ashleys she’ll encounter in school! Turns out that every one of those monikers has a different spelling. One thing that’s still unique about her name – the spelling of H-a-l-i-e. It’s exactly the same as her great-great-aunt. My daughter has had every phonetic variation of her name written on her paperwork, by someone else, of course. I’ve only met one other girl with my name in my entire life, and I graduated with that girl, she spelled it E-r-y-n. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this. Yeah – sometimes I can overthink things…


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