Halie at 6 months old
I arrived at Halie’s school thirty minutes before the bell rang, and had a primo spot in what became the Minivan/SUV Queue that extended to the end of the adjacent street. Rosie and I sang happily to the CD that DH burned for us (okay, I sang while Rosie sucked a Dum-Dum and cheered for me like I was Mariah Carey giving her a private concert) When Halie came out with her classmates, I called to her by her full name, since there are so many Halie-Haley-Haylees, and my first-grader approached me wearing a scowl. My oldest daughter said, “This is NOT where you are supposed to meet me!” Halie explained the plan that she and her Daddy had concocted on the drive to the school this morning. I told her that she could walk to the far edge of the campus, and I would meet her there. As Halie ran down the sidewalk, the driveway forced me left while she headed right. I had to wait for what seemed like freakin’ forever for a break in the line of cars to turn toward the spot where Halie and I agreed to meet. When I reached that spot, Halie was nowhere in sight. I forced myself to count to five before I let my heart rise in my throat. One…two…THREEFOURFIVE! I stepped out of the running car, and shouted to the teachers a few yards away, asking them if they had seen a first-grader wearing a purple shirt that read ‘SASSY!’ across the front( talk about irony). None of them could recall seeing her. Oh Boy. Oh crap! I couldn’t leave the baby in the car to go search for Halie, and I wasn’t sure the traffic would allow me to circle back through the front drive of the school. Crap, Crap, Crappity-crap!
As I turned to get back in the car, I saw Grandma’s head over the schoolyard fence. I’m so grateful that Grandma lives just three houses down the street that butts up against the school campus. I waved, and she waved in return. My hero!
Halie had agreed with my DH this morning that she could walk around the back of the school, cut between the portable buildings, then cross the street at the dead end ‘ cove’ where there were rarely any cars. The co-conspirators had decided that if Halie could not see me in the car, she could walk to Grandma’s house. Grandma and I were wishing that we had been in on that conversation during the ride to school this morning! Oh well. First two days of school are behind us , just 178 more days to go!


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